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Part of a Graphic Design project: changing the look for a craftsman from Indianapolis Indiana.
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Mythology through Illustration

A recent illustration to shake some things up. I've always had a fascination and love for mythology. I studied Latin and Roman Life in high school and college, along with mythology, of course, and I believe that art and illustrations help convey these amazing stories more thoroughly than just spoken word. This is my depiction of Asteria, the Greek goddess of the stars.  

Editorial Illustration - WIP

For my Independent Illustration class I decided to paint a few editorial illustrations. I found this type of illustration to be one of my favorites over the years, very expressive and engaging, pulling readers in, which I is something I really appreciate. I took a few articles that I liked and made an illustration(s) for each. This first one was based on the article, Feminism's Toxic Twitter Wars from The Nation - you can read it here - There is definitely some room for improvement and it might change later....

Conservation Tales

Salamanders and Sea Turtles  During my time here at Ball State I was invited to join the Conservation Tales team, a children's book series teaching children's grades 3 - 5 about the importance of conservation of animals in the wild and introducing many different species of endangered animals. My first book was about Salamanders, the book was completed this past winter and is available for sale at   This semester I am working on the next book about Sea Turtles! We just got back from a research trip down in Florida, investigating and researching about our next set of animals, Sea Turtles, Manatees, and Seahorses. We were also personally invited to Mote Marine in Sarasota Florida to learn more about how to help these animals in the wild as well as accurately portraying these animals. It was amazing and I'm ready to go back. But most of all I am so, so happy to have started my career as a children's book illustrator, a dream come true. I&

Senior Year Visual Development Project - The Odyssey

Illustration - Career in Progress

Spring Semester 2017 - Illustration  This past semester I've been introduced to formal illustration, editorial, children's book, etc. And it's honestly been the best experience. I cannot express how much I love this class; it's such a great feeling - working on projects that excite you and starting to imagine having an amazing career somewhere down the line. Working on achieving your dream job might just do that for you... Here are some of the projects that I've completed over the semester... Above: An editorial piece based on a story from a magazine. The story talked about two farmers who fought over the newly divided land that they both had to fight for. The author detailed how the land was older than both of the farmers, and how the land doesn't really belong to any one person. This piece was based on a fortune cookie fortune, "Discriminating minds will lead you in the proper direction ..." I took it a political direct

New Profile Image and Some Self- Reflection

I'm working on creating a new icon for myself, something for Instagram, twitter, etc. ((above)) It's based off of a watercolor I did ages ago (cough cough high school cough cough) ((left)). It's really weird to look back on the stuff that I made so long ago, thinking it was, but really it was just the work of a over confident high school student. The pool for competition was a lot smaller then than how it is today, and thats just college. It's not even the real world ( a scary thought ). Three years ago I had really everything I wanted art wise. I had supportive teachers and a classroom full of supplies at my disposal, (and for free!). Now I have professors and other students who will speak their mind (with cuss words to sweeten the pot usually) and all of my art supplies are NOT free and NOT cheap. I feel overworked, struggling to take the classes that I need to take while finding the time to take the classes that I really love, and on top of tha